Wits Ville School welcomes children between 2 months and 11 years.


Application forms and prospectus can be obtained from the school administrative office at a fee. Completed forms should be returned to school with required documents listed below:

A.) Birth certificate (photocopy)

B.) A medical report and immunization booklet.

C.) Two passport photographs

D.) Previous school attended, report ( if any)

E.) Passport or full size photographs & names of people authorized to pick the child.

N.B​ - In case of sudden change of the person to pick the child a duly signed letter or a call followed by an S.M.S must be sent to the school. The child will be observed or given a test to determine his/her placement.


When and if admission is confirmed parents are advised to make payment within two weeks of confirmation, this is to ensure placement as the school will not exceed the number of children intended for each class.

Fees should be paid before the term starts and should be paid directly into the school’s account in a designated Bank, whose teller will be made available to parents. The duplicate copy of the teller is to be submitted to school as evidence of payment.

N.B.​ Fees once paid is not refundable. Children whose school fees have not been paid by 2nd week of resumption will not be allowed to attend classes and shall be asked to stay at home. Please note that management will always try to keep fees affordable but fees are subject to review whenever this option is considered unavoidable/inevitable.


The children are expected to come to school in neat, complete and correct uniform. Our uniforms include, blue and yellow shirt with navy blue gown for girls and navy blue shorts for boys. It goes with black shoe and plain navy blue socks

All uniforms must be obtained from school. In addition - the use of necklace, dangling earrings, bracelet, beads & unusual haircuts are not allowed.

Medicals The school has a recovery room where pupils are given first aid treatment in case of minor injuries sustained in the course of the day’s activities. However the school authority stipulates that when a child is ill, he/she should be kept at home. In the case of infectious disease, doctor’s report will be required to confirm that the child is fully cured in order to protect other children. The school may call or visit a child that is seriously ill with the parent’s permission. Late pick up of a child that is not part of after school service and is not picked up by 3pm, will attract a fine for late pick-up and will be charged per 30 minutes.


The school operates a blend of the Nigerian/ British curriculum.

The subjects taught in the pre-school​ ​classes​ are: Numeracy, Literacy & Phonics, Creative and Cultural Arts, Nature Study, Social Norms, Rhymes, Music and I.C.T, Sensorial, Geometry, Practical Life Exercise. Grade​ ​1-​ ​6 Mathematics, All aspects of English, Moral Instruction, French, Science, Current Affairs, Civic Education, I.C.T, Music e.t.c.

Extra​ ​Curricular​ ​Activities. Our school also engages children in meaningful extra-curricular activities in form of clubs and hobbies. The available clubs includes, Literary and Debating, Ballet, Scrap Place, Taekwondo, Brownies, Cub Scout, Swimming, Chess club and Steam Club e.t.c.


Plot 717, Aina Akingbala Str, Omole Phase 2, Ikeja, Lagos


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